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Sip, a Bean and Leaf Collective

 Sip, a Bean and Leaf Collective, is our monthly guide to all things coffee and tea. Each month we highlight a coffee or tea country, dive deeper into the culture there, and include Bean and Leaf crafted how-tos and recipes.

Join us each month as we dive deeper into coffee and tea culture. Click on the photos below to download.

Issue Releases

Issue 1: Warmth

Warmth is the feeling of being warm, happy, and content. It's not too hot and not too cold, it's perfect. Bean and Leaf describes this time of year, especially December, as Warmth.

Issue 2: Calm

We rarely think of the New Year as calm but with the crisp air and soothing ring of the city, this time of year can be relaxing. Bean and Leaf encourages you to relax and enjoy a cup of tea this January.