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get your perfect box



Each box is hand-crafted from

Seattle’s best roasters and customized

by our team to suit your preferences.

Step 2

Find your perfect match

Take the quiz to find your coffee & tea profile match. With your matched profile, you will receive something new each month when you subscribe! Expand to read about each of the profile types.

Coffee Profiles

  • bold

A profile built for our coffee enthusiast. Bold contains dark and chocolatey goodness. 

  • sweet

Roasters that enhance the true flavor of the coffee bean. This profile includes anything from citrus, and betty tasting notes to honey and sugars.

  • Smooth

Perfect for those who are not the biggest coffee drinkers. Smooth profile highlights nutty, rich coffees. It is a perfect “intro to coffee” profile

Tea Profiles

  • Herbal

Perfect for those who are sensitive to caffein but love to experience tea and drinks. Herbal can be anything from flowers, leaves, roots to fruits.

  • fruity

If you love a Starbucks refresher, this is the profile for you. A strong fruit scent paired with a variety of tea makes for the perfect match.

  • Spicy

A profile built for our adventurers who love Chai, creamy tea, and a strong unique flavor. 

  • Fragrant

For those who loves their tea to be strongly scented. From floral to fruity, it adds a bit of sweetness to your tea experience.

  • rich

For tea enthusiasts who loves a strong tea flavor. Rich contains tea leaves that are great for pairing with milk and sugar without overriding the tea flavor.

Step 3

Sustainable packaging, sustainable shipment

Our packages are 100% recyclable as a white, Kraft, FDA-approved coffee and tea packaging. Stay tuned as we search for local Biodegradable packaging and label!

We offer free delivery via Sendle all the time, a is 100% carbon neutral delivery, contributing back to the environment with every delivery. 

learn more about our carbon neutral shipment

Step 4


find your 

perfect cup

Get to know more about your coffee and tea through our score card. Take a picture and send it through instagram so we can get you closer to that perfect blend!